12 February 2007

The Turkic Speaking Peoples

The Turkic Speaking Peoples: 1,500 Years of Art And Culture from Inner Asia to the Balkansby Ergun Cagatay and Dogan Kuban looks like another book to add to my Central Asia wishlist. It's a big book at nearly 500 pages and has lots of photographs by Cagatay. Kuban is a professor in Istanbul.

The nearest copy is nearly 400 miles away, and my public library only does ILL in the state. But it's at my next-oldest-sister's university library...


  1. Well, we checked the university library and found a copy titled
    The Turkic speaking peoples : 2,000 years of art and culture from inner Asia to the Balkans. If you don't mind an additional 500 years of history, then it will be here waiting for you.

  2. Close enough. Are you going to check it out since I'm not planning on visiting you anytime soon?