12 February 2007

Peck of Peppers

Don't you love ornamental peppers? There is almost no plant that looks as cheerful. And if you buy the right kind, you can eat them too.

You might have noticed that I am getting excited to finally have a garden again this year.


  1. beautiful pictures!!

  2. They're pretty -- they look like Christmas lights. What kind are they? I'm totally excited about having a garden this year. Though it means cleaning up the rocks, and tilling the ground, and pulling up the grass... sigh. Right now, I just want warm weather. Then I can tackle the work.

  3. These are just plain old ornamental peppers. There are lots of different kinds, but a small nursery would probably only carry one.

    Gardens are a lot of work at first. But after you get eveything planted, you just sit back and wait to eat everything. It's a good system.