20 February 2007

I Love Bishkek

I think I need to get this shirt.


Jamie Hollis said...

I'm leaning towards the "Half of my heart is in Kyrgyzstan" sweatshirt;)

Amira said...

I like the baby clothes with Kyrgyz flags on them too. Who knew Amazon had stuff like this?

Bektour Iskender said...

Oh, this is the first time I like a t-shirt about my native city. :) A nice design. I would wish to have the same one... :)

Maksat said...

hey cool T-shirt ha!
how can I get this T?
anybody tell Me, the main problem Im far from KG.
if anybody can send Me this T I will send money or better you can gimme like a present :)
hit Me back if you have somethang bout that, mail: almaxas88@gmail.com
sincerely yours Maxat.