14 February 2007

Do you ever think about words and how they really sound strange sometimes? She's back? What a hokey way to say it.

And gonna. Completely hokey, but well-used. I'd always tell my students in Kyrgyzstan that they need to understand gonna and couldja and wouldja and shoulda and wanna, but to never, never use them unless they learned to speak English really well. Or they'd sound like teenagers all the time, and when they were speaking English, they needed to sound a lot more professional.

But then English speakers need to be more careful when speaking to a non-fluent English speaker.


  1. My favorite -- and I catch myself at it all the time -- is summin. As in "I've got to go do summin."

    Never get a southerner to talk to a non-fluent English speaker. It just don't work.

  2. The American family we knew in Kyrgyzstan were Southerners so I completely agree with your last sentence.