26 January 2007

You've Been in Russia (or Kyrgyzstan) Too Long When

Siberian Light has a great link Turkish Invasion's list of 45 hints that you might have spent too long in Russia. Lots of them applied to Kyrgyzstan too, like

  • You ride the marshrutka shouting ostanovite na ostanovke EXACTLY where you want to stop, and not worrying about handing your money to the driver via 6 people
  • Strangers are molodoi chelovek! or devushka
  • You keep typing 'н' instead of 'n'
  • You start to say oiy, akh, ekh
  • You actually start to use the prefixes with verbs of motion
  • You start measuring in km, kg, and, koneshno, sto gramms!
  • You get suspiscious when someone smiles at you (rightly so)
  • You laugh at Russian comedy
  • Voda and bezgazirovannaya are inextricably linked in your head
  • The DSP start pulling even more cars off the road, and you're not surprised when a politician convoy goes past at 200km
  • You take a plastic bag everywhere just in case
  • You yell Alyo!? into the phone when you answer

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  1. There's one for Georgia that's even more extensive and original:


    MIght also be some similarities with Central Asia.