04 January 2007

Take Off!

Take Off! is unquestionably the best geography game I've ever played (and I've played more than a few). Most geography games are long on facts and short on plain fun. Facts are fine, but I'd rather my children learn the locations of countries and their capitals and a few other facts like religion and ethnicity and not worry about major imports or the exact GNP or the monetary unit of any country. Take Off! requires you to spend the entire game looking at a world map and moving between capitals and major cities around the world. And it covers every single capital and country from East Timor and Djibouti to Russia and Mexico. There's no skipping over the countries that are usually ignored (or maybe I just was pleased to be able to zip between Urumqi and Bishkek). You don't need to know anything about geography to enjoy this game, but it still teaches you a lot because you play over and over and learn every time you play.


  1. I'm going to have to go look this up. But it looks like fun. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

  2. Whats the age group for this game? I really love it! and want to buy it for my 15 year old brother who is in desperate need to play something educational.

  3. Any age really. I play it with my husband a lot and with my elementary age children.