05 January 2007

Pad Thai

I tried making pad thai for the first time tonight; it was delicious. I used a recipe from Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia and found a lovely little Asian grocery only a few blocks from the boys' tae kwon do place where I got the necessary ingredients. I was rather impressed with the store. I've been in lots of ethnic groceries and some are a little haphazard and dusty, but this one was quite nice and even had plenty of good produce.

Last night we had khachapuri from Georgia and I think tomorrow we might have plov from Central Asia. Or maybe chilequiles from Mexico, or kichree from Iraq. If you can't go there, at least you can eat the food.


  1. Ha! I made Pad Thai this week, too. It was a little salty but still good.

  2. I love all our ethnic groceries! I've had friends ask me to take them to some of the local ones because they were too afraid to go in by themselves... which totally cracked me up as I've been going to ethnic markets (groceries and the big markets in Atlanta) since I was tiny!