29 January 2007

Isaac's Storm

I needed a break from a longer book of fiction I'm working through and read Isaac's Stormby Erik Larson yesterday. It was a very quick read and interesting, but I don't think I'm sold on Larson's storytelling after reading this and The Devil in the White City. With this book in particular I almost felt that the author was playing with people's lives. I have absolutely no interest in reliving any type of natural disaster. It becomes simply a matter of horrifying details instead of real life. But Larson is still unquestionably better than Winchester.

The subtitle is also rather misleading (...the Deadliest Hurricane in History) since the Galveston hurricane was far from the deadliest hurricane in history, although none has topped it in the US. Am I not supposed to care about the thousands of people who have died in cyclones and hurricanes outside the US?

There are still a lot of good things about this book. There are many interesting bits about early weather forecasting in the US (although it covered a lot of the same territory The Children's Blizzard did) and it was enjoyable in many ways. Recommended, particularly if you already like Larson.

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