11 December 2006

What Would You Do With...

I was thinking about this- when people ask what you'd do with a million dollars, or what you'd do if did have to work, or whatever. And I realized that we were doing exactly what I'd want to do while we were in Kyrgyzstan. That doesn't mean that life was perfect in Kyrgyzstan, but we were doing things that I wanted to do. (Which made it even harder to leave, but that's another post.)

I loved volunteering at the baby house and working with the university students on English. I'd love to do the same thing in any country. I love homeschooling the boys. I love living in other countries with my family, especially with my husband. He is far more adventurous than I and I need him there with me. He enjoys teaching law overseas and could do that. We both were glad to learn a bit of Russian even though it wasn't our favorite. It's so much easier to work on a language in country.

It's too expensive though in reality. Even though it's technically much cheaper to live in many countries than the US, our monthly student loan payments are more than the average annual salary for law professors in many countries. And there are the flights. And homeschooling overseas does require some money because it's impossible to get decent schoolbooks in English, at least in the countries I'd want to live in. And a good internet connection is expensive; it's a necessity so I can keep in touch with my family. And a reasonable apartment in a safe and quiet neighborhood are requirements too. I require our own bathroom and I'm not sure I'd ever be interested in washing clothes by hand for a family of four or more- I think I could handle it for two though.

And for some reason my husband thinks a regular career would be a good thing for our family. One where you stay put for a while.

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  1. Amira,

    I think you have so much verve and light. I love that about you.

    I too, think that voluntering in the baby house would be very rewarding.

    I can only imagine the costs.

    I would not want to share a bathroom with another family either.

    I love the far off..places you ahve taken your kids too.

    What a world, they know.

    They are VERY lucky.