18 December 2006

Stuck in Utah

We sent Christmas cards out this week. They went all over the US from Virginia to Alaska and all over the world from Singapore to the UK (I even wrote a few in Russian, aren't you proud of me?). Those cards are better travelled than I am. I wanted to go with them. It's hard when your friends live in all sorts of interesting places and you're not there. I wish we could be in Bethlehem in a month for the wedding of a dear friend of ours.


  1. I thought you were stuck in Idaho.

    I actually would love to see you sometime, if you are anywhere even close. I have this loom for you. (if you still want it.)

    I feel very stuck too my friend. I can't take Ethan out, and I hate being trapped in.

    Sometimes... *deep breath*

    I really wonder about life.

  2. Well, at least I don't feel trapped at home. I just feel trapped in the US.

    Maybe if you come south (like to Salt Lake) sometime we could meet. I'd still love to have the loom.

  3. OH Amira, I come south once a week for therapy.

    Usually on Wednesdays.

    I come to Provo twice a month. Is that south enough?! *smile*

  4. Oh, that's good. Provo is much better than Salt Lake.