16 December 2006

Please Don't Ask for Sugar Cookies

Somewhere along the way I missed the sugar cookie class. I can't make the silly things.

This wouldn't be a problem, since others make really good ones and share them with us, but my children seem to think they would be fun to make when people give us cute little cookies that look perfect. So we try. And it always ends up with me cross in the kitchen and a pathetic little collection of the sorriest-looking sugar cookies you've ever seen. And the boys are hiding downstairs.

Can't we just have snickerdoodles?

(And please don't give me tips or new recipes. I don't want to ever even imagine again that I should try making them.)


  1. That is too funny! I'm a pastry chef by occasional trade and I hate to make sugar cookies! I can make great tasting sugar coated cookies, but I cannot make those cute little shaped and iced cookies... I obsess over getting the edges just right and the icing just right and everything... just...right... so I don't make them.


  2. Sorry this is off topic, but thanks for posting the pictures of the books for library thing. By the way I LOVE SUGAR COOKIES!!! but they are such a pain to make that I only make them once a year.

    My husband and I are currently working on an Uzbek language website, we'll let you know when we finish, I'll email you.

  3. I look forward to seeing the website, Ambar. We've had an Uzbek friend recording phrases and things for us and it's helped some.

    And now I have official permission from a pastry chef to not like making sugar cookies. :)

  4. I have this problem with Jell-o of all things. Never sets right for me--always makes me feel like a bad Mormon.

    Julie M. Smith

  5. I don't think I've made Jello since I was 11. I suppose that makes me a bad Mormon too. :)

  6. I don't even like Jello. My sugar cookies are ugly, but they taste pretty good!! I was never a good Molly Mormon either. Can't even sew!!

    The website will take some time. We are using Russian-Uzbek texts so I have to spend time translating them into English. Also my husband has some Uzbek movies which he will try to post online. I'll let you know!!

  7. But sugar cookies are just snickerdoodles without the evil cream of tarter mixed in ....

  8. Ah, yes, they are. But snickerdoodles don't require rolling pins or cookie cutters.

  9. I absolutely love Snickerdoodles.

    I'll take those anyday!

    You never have to be what you're not!

  10. Give me chocolate chip cookies any day. I make the sugar cookies -- and acutally enjoy doing it (!) -- but I have to admit it's more for the memories for the kids than because I enjoy eating them. In my opinion, they're just a vehicle for frosting. Which, I suppose, is a worthy thing. But, then, I could just eat the frosting and be happy.