29 December 2006

To Buy Later

My poor Amazon cart is getting full. Not my wishlist (that's always crowded), but the cart of stuff waiting to be bought. Usually I try to keep it to one or two things that can be bought with those handy gift certificates they send me, but there's $150 in there right now and I can't imagine I'll not want to add anything else to it before I get enough gift certificates. That's a lot of $25 dollars. But in case you want to buy me a book...


  1. and I just went to order a book, and realized I still have $277 worth of books in the cart waiting. Mostly they are children's books though.

  2. Speaking of books, I enjoy your "Recent Books from My Library". Not only do I like to see what books other people have, but I discovered LibraryThing.com and have started cataloging my own books. In addition, I now have a feature on my own blogs showing random books. I don't have very many books up yet, but it's a fun thing to do. I am very glad that you have so many books--I don't feel so bad about how many I have!

  3. "Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia" Ooo I want this book too!!! Thanks for listing it.