08 December 2006

I am so tired of boxes. But I will be done soon. And then maybe I will write about something interesting. My brain has been turned off and this has to be the most boring site ever.

Did I ever say that I don't like to deal with comments? I'm still trying to decide if blogging on bigger blogs is for me. Comments I get here are fine- I can handle a few a week. But more than that strains my brain in so many ways.


  1. Well, I'm sorry if I'm adding to your weariness. I'm glad you are over at MM and hope you'll stick around.

  2. You don't at all danithew. I wasn't only referring to today's post; I felt this way when I blogged a bit at T&S or whenever I post on a message board. Or even when I comment somewhere else. And yet I keep doing it, so I must like it someone inside of me. I'm just not good at managing responses when I can't see the person. I do fine when I'm teaching RS or SS.