19 December 2006

Fires in the Backyard

Have any of you fascinating people who read this blog ever tried building your own tandoor oven? I've been thinking about doing this for a long time and recently heard about a woman building one in her backyard (I wasn't sure about fire codes and such in the US, but it sounds like it's okay). Apparently she got a mold (they sell them in the Gulf) and then built it with dirt and clay.

I'd LOVE to have a tandoor in the backyard.


  1. What would you cook in it? I'm not being skeptical. Just curious what you have in mind. Sounds like a fun idea.

  2. Flatbread! There's nothing like flatbread from a tandoor, although it's pretty good made on a stone in a regular oven.


  3. gexkpuYou know, I've looked at that photo 100 times and finally figured out what I was looking at! I was seeing it "inside out" and it just didn't make any sense at all! NOW it makes sense (insert eyeroll). I loooove flat bread from a tandoor oven!!

  4. It is a confusing picture. I've tried to get a better photo of a tandoor, but you either get one of the outside that just looks like a big white mound, or one of the inside that doesn't give you any perspective.