17 November 2006

Twitchy Fingers

I've started crocheting dresses again. A good clue to this is the number of books I read in a week. If it's about one a week, I'm not crocheting. If it's more than that, I probably am. I used to not be able to watch TV without working on something, but now I can't even read without it. But it's always nice to realize I've crocheted a lot of a skirt without even realizing it. And I've read a lot of interesting books recently.


  1. You have clearly been blessed with many, many talents Amira. This is beautiful!.

  2. Oops! That was me.

  3. Please tell me how you can read while crocheting -- I can listen, talk and knit up a storm at the same time (making knitting wonderful for meetings) but can you read an actual words-on-paper book? Wow!

    The dress is gorgeous. Lucky little girl.

  4. It's an easy pattern. Very easy. I tuck the book under my legs and there you go. I bet that you can do a lot of knitting without looking at it.

    What I can't do is knit at all. I need an extra hand.