06 November 2006

They're Still Cross

The fourth day of protests in Bishkek has ended. This is definitely far more organized than the demonstrations earlier this year. Registan has a lot of links to lots of places where you can go for more information, especially from people in Kyrgyzstan.

One thing I haven't been able to figure out is whether the protests are limited to Bishkek or are in other parts of the country. Is the South supporting this?

Apparently there are discussions going on right now (it's the middle of the night in Bishkek) about constitutional reform. Bakiev has totally dropped the ball on this matter and it may well be too late for him to save it. We'll see what happens in the next few hours, if anything. And if it's nothing, Bakiev may not have a very easy time the next few days.

One wonders why Kulov is sticking with Bakiev.

This link is a webcam in the center of Bishkek. Keep in mind that Kyrgyzstan is 11 hours ahead of Washington.

Added later- It's October Revolution Day on the 7th. It's a pretty major holiday and lots of places will be closed. The Parliament, although not a majority, accepted a new version of the Constitution overnight. I can't find any details of exactly which version it is (there are many floating around), but this could possibly help settle things down. I very much hope that Kyrgyzstan can get through this peacefully and get a better system of government in place. I'm just not sure if Bakiev will let both of those things happen.

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