09 November 2006

More Constitution News

First of all I want to say how impressed I've been with KyrgyzReport the last week. While I don't know who's running the blog, I've met "young Kyrgyz guys" like them who want to see real reform in Kyrgyzstan and I'm glad this group has come up with a way to spread their ideas. And I'm glad the Kyrgyz government is open enough to allow blogs like this.

More details are coming out about the new constitution (summary in English here). AKIpress has an interview with Gulnara Iskakova (my husband met her when he were organizing some constitutional debates at the law school in Bishkek- FWIW, there are several law schools in Kyrgyzstan; the largest is the Law Academy, but some of the others have higher reputations) who teaches at the AUCA and is a respected constitutional scholar in Kyrgyzstan.

They also interviewed Nurlan Sadykov (in Russian here, English summary here) who talks about the good and bad about the constitution, although he very rightly points out that implementation is the most important question right now.

Some are concerned that the judiciary wasn't changed at all, but I'm not really surprised. While there are people who see a need for judicial reform, it's not very high on most people's lists, although KyrgyzReport writes about the need for judicial reform. We in the West have so many ways to address the government that we're not just left with organizing mass demonstrations in the capital for days on end to get our voices heard. The election on Tuesday is an excellent example.

I'm very glad to see these interviews out there about the constitution, and from people in Kyrgyzstan instead of constitutional experts from the west.

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