16 November 2006

Silk Road

I don't think I've written about The Silk Road recently. It's a pricey item, but I've found it at lots of libraries. It's been fun to watch it again since being in Central Asia. It is pretty dated since traveling through China is a lot more open now (it was filmed in 1979), and, of course, since the first 12 parts were filmed in China and subject to Chinese oversight, I don't agree with all the interpretations.

There are 30 50-minute segments (I've only seen the first 12) that go from Xi'an to Rome. I'd love to see the rest someday if I could ever find them. They are really dry in places, and it helps if you already have some background in the geography of the Silk Road, but still, checking out one or two segments can't hurt.

Still, as Silk Road Seattle points out, this should be cut down to three hours and given a better script to make a really excellent film.

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  1. You can also buy individual programs on VHS (used) for very cheap. I have #11- Where Horses Fly Like the Wind, which has a big section on ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang. Of course, I first discovered the series at the wonderful public library!