25 November 2006


I found someone else who doesn't like Simon Winchester's books.

And if you look carefully, for example, at the reviews of Krakatoa on Amazon, half the ratings are 3 and below, and many of those who gave three stars said the writing was bad, but the topic interesting. Sorry folks, but a book isn't worth reading simply because of the topic. Maybe in spite of it, but an author can ruin a good topic. And Winchester has a knack for that.

I'm usually not this picky about authors, but Winchester picks really, really interesting topics. So I've been sorely disappointed by him more than once, and I have trouble forgiving an author for that.


  1. Ywp--Krakatoa should have rocked with that material to work with, but it stank. Didn't he also write the SF earthquake book that I didn't like either?

    Julie M. Smith

  2. I didn't try the California earthquake one after hardly being able to get anywhere in Krakatoa and The Map that Changed the World. And your review didn't make me want to give him another try.