09 November 2006

Election Fallout

I've not written about the elections on Tuesday. Not because I don't care or because I'm depressed (neither are true), but because I've been far more concerned about what happens in Kyrgyzstan than what happens here. Because we have a solid system of government, it matters relatively little who is running things in this country. Not so in many other places.

So while I'm glad to see that there was a clear message that a new direction is needed in this country, I'm pretty skeptical that the Democrats are going to do much besides flounder also. But I just can't complain, because there isn't the remotest possibilty of civil war right now, or a revolution, or anything along those lines.

It's good to be an American. Sometimes people wonder why our family has chosen to live in places where people's rights aren't protected. And yes, we are somewhat restricted in some places. But the blessing is not just living in a free country, it's being a citizen of one. And no matter where I go, I'm still an American.

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