14 November 2006

Dunhuang Star Chart

We've been watching the old Silk Road videos again and the boys were surprisingly interested in the section on Dunhuang. When we were in China we decided not to go to Dunhuang because we thought the boys wouldn't be interested enough to make the trip worth it. Now I wish we had. Going there would have been even better than watching the film.

But, in a happy coincidence, while searching for star myths from Central Asia, I came across this star chart from a manuscript from Dunhuang. It's around 1300 years old and is one of the earliest known complete star charts. The manuscript is 210 by 25 cm and shows 1,345 stars. Very cool.


  1. So what did you find out about the star myths?

    Also, did you happen to find if in Central Asia they organized 12 constellations across the zodiac belt like the chinese?

  2. And if/when you do find Central Asian star myths, please share! We promise to do the same.

  3. I don't know about the zodiac yet because I quit looking when I found the star chart (nice to know where you're posting again).

    I'm working on a project with star myths and such with my sister, but we're just starting so I haven't found much yet. But we'll get there. Thanks for posting Anna- I've been meaning to link to you for a while.