22 November 2006

Depressed at the Grocery Store

Pretty much the only place in the US that reminds me of Kyrgyzstan is the grocery store. And that's a stretch since grocery stores here are entirely different creatures. But my life in Bishkek was so different from my life here. I didn't drive there, there's nothing like marshrutkas here, there's no baby house here, the sidewalks are different, I didn't go to the library there, the buildings are different, my husband isn't teaching, and the people are so different. There's nothing that's even remotely similar here except for the grocery store.

So except on the days I go to the grocery store, I can manage to not miss Kyrgyzstan too much.


  1. I woke up this morning craving Balasagune, my favorite "Chinese" restaurant in Bishkek. That's interesting that the grocery store reminds you of Kyrgyzstan. That's one of the places I experienced the most culture shock coming back into the country. Bakeries make me think of the bakeries in Karakol. Like you said about grocery stores--they're totally different creatures, but it still makes me remember.

  2. We bought almost all our bread at a tandoor bakery, so the bakeries here don't remind me of Kyrgyzstan. Although I'd love to find a tandoor bakery somewhere.

    For some reason, the shampoo aisle makes me remember the most. They look pretty much the same anywhere.

    I should have just shopped at Beta Stores, then American grocery stores wouldn't have seemed at all weird.