26 October 2006

Smoke Detectors

I have bad luck with smoke detectors. Even though I rarely burn food, they're always going off when I cook. Honestly, I'm really not burning things. :)

I'd forgotten that in Kyrgyzstan though, because I don't think I ever saw a smoke detector there. I never had one beeping at me for no apparent reason. I didn't have to track down magazines or newspapers to fan wildly in front of one till it stopped beeping.


  1. You know, I have the same problem. It annoys Russell so much, that he routinely takes the batteries out. Not a good habit, I know. But at least they're not beeping at me when I make burgers. :)

  2. Maybe they just need to sell less sensitive detectors for those of us who have a knack for setting them off. Ones that don't go off down the hall after I shower.