12 October 2006

New Plan

I've been rather frantically checking books out of the library for the last few months because I'm not sure how long I'll have access to a decent library. But it's gotten overwhelming. I have a huge stack of wonderful books to read, but that keeps me from enjoying the one I'm on.

But it's looking at least a little more likely that we'll be using this library for a while, so I've returned a lot of my stack. Now, those books, and a lot more, are just on my list to check out later. Much better.

Of course, it also helps that I tracked down a crochet hook, so I can have something to do while I read. Try as I might, I still can't read while binding or tying a quilt, or spinning. Although I imagine some could read while they spin. Good thing for books on tape.

Still, it's hard to return so many good books.


  1. I am replying to you from my blog. My husband is Uzbek and I am American. We have three pretty kids. I don't really know Uzbek though I do have a textbook. His family speaks Russian to me. My husband is not LDS but supports me. I would love to know about Uzbeks in the church. I know it is so rare.

  2. We only know one Uzbek who has joined the church and she is in the US; we know more Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, and Mongols who have joined the church. We never did hear about any LDS Uzbeks in Uzbekistan, although there are a resonable number of LDS expats- certainly more than in Kyrgyzstan.

    Have you been able to go to Uzbekistan? We would love to go there someday- I wish we could have gone while we were in Kyrgyzstan.

  3. I haven't been to Uzbekistan yet. We plan to go in the next couple of years. We haven't gone yet because I keep getting pregnant!!

    I would love to go to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan too. I know several Mongolian members as well. (from BYU and my brother served a mission there)

    If you want to hear Uzbek music go to my www.uzbekmusiconline.com. I don't understand it but I love Uzbek music.

  4. I couldn't get the Uzbek music link to work. I'll try again later.

  5. The website is www.uzbekmusic.com