06 October 2006

Geyser Sightings

We were in Yellowstone on Monday and Tuesday and early Wednesday morning and were lucky enough to see quite a few geysers, even though we missed Giant. We started with Old Faithful since my in-laws were with us, and since my younger son really likes OF. (Photos- OF above- from YNP website. Since it was cool, it was really steamy and most of my pictures didn't turn out really well.)

Then we drove up to Firehole Lake Drive, saw that Great Fountain was about an hour away from erupting, then drove over to see what Fountain was up to. Only Clepsydra was on, so we watched the mud pots for a bit, then zipped back over to see Great Fountain. The top photo is White Dome, which you can see from GF, and the lower is Great Fountain.

The next morning Fountain (below) was erupting as we drove by,

Castle was having a major as we parked (below),

We caught Oblong as we walked by (below),

And then we had to decide what to do. Daisy (below) went while we were sitting at Giant, and then we moved on.

Riverside and Grand went at the same time, so we only saw the steam cloud from Grand (below), but I do like Riverside (above).

After that, there wasn't much to expect in down basin (Beehive went at about noon, but since I didn't have my walkie-talkie, I didn't know in time), but we didn't want to go too far away from Giant, which was getting ever closer to an eruption. We watched a few hot periods, one that was particularly good around 3, and then Grotto started. I took the boys back to the hotel, then went back to Giant. I waited a couple more hours, then went back to the hotel with the plan of coming back early in the morning.

But Giant had other plans and went at nearly 3 in the morning. This is what I would have seen (of course, it would have been rather dark, so I mostly would have just heard this):

I stopped at Cliff Geyser (below) on my way out of Yellowstone and was back to the hotel by 8, although rather sad.

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