07 October 2006

And the Rest of Wyoming

We didn't just go to Yellowstone this weekend; we also visited a lot of places in Wyoming and Idaho. I don't really know why, but I love western Wyoming and eastern Idaho. This picture is in Star Valley Wyoming where we stayed for a few nights.

Probably one reason why I like these places is because so many of my ancestors settled there when they came west. This is the headstone of my great-great grandmother, buried in Afton, Wyoming. I'd always planned on being buried in Swan Lake, Idaho, next to my great-grandparents, but I might change my mind and choose Star Valley instead. I'm partial to the cemetery in Grover.

And then we went through the Tetons to get up to Yellowstone. It's absolutely beautiful there right now with all the aspens golden.

We really had a wonderful trip. We visited friends in Idaho, checked on the progress of the Rexburg Temple, visited lots more cemeteries than the one in Afton, stopped at the Star Valley Cheese Factory, got Aggie ice cream in Logan, Utah, and, best of all, saw lots of geysers.

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