18 September 2006

Side Bar Photos

Way down on the sidebar below the label list (done!), there are a bunch of new pictures (I hope the formatting turns out okay):

Arsin, from the baby house

Pink Cone Geyser at Yellowstone

Majd (glory) design by my husband

Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone

Washington DC LDS Temple

Qayt Bay Funerary Complex in Cairo

Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, China

Sharifa Asma

Big Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, China

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Great Mosque of Xi'an

Beatitudes design by my husband

BYU Jerusalem Center

Ala-Too Mountains south of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Bismallah, the traditional Muslim blessing. "In the name of God, the Compassioniate, the Merciful"

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