25 September 2006

My dear sister who has only commented twice really liked your comments. I assumed that she didn't care about the comments since she never comments. She doesn't like that they just come in emails to me now. But since I do everything that dear sister says, they are back on. Hopefully someone will oblige her with some interesting comments.

Actually, please don't feel like you ought to comment. I enjoy good comments, but you don't need to feel like you have to say something so I know you came by. I have stats for that. :)


  1. Amira, I sent this to you in email, but I wanted to tell the rest of your readers about the small miracle in Indianapolis today.

    We had church members from Kyrgyzstan visit our Ward today. I told them about your blog, but didn't know your real name. When I told them you volunteered at the Bishkek Baby House, they immediately knew who you were.

    I found out they will be seeing you later in the week, and will be getting their endowments and be sealed to each other.

    They were in town visiting a hospitalized teenager from Kyrgyzstan, and wanted to find a Russian-speaking member of the church to visit him.

    Because I'm a busy-body who asks about what languages people speak, I knew there was a young adult from Armenia in the YSA branch that meets in our building in the afternoon, and that he spoke Russian. After the YSA branch's meetings, they got together and were speaking Russian a mile a minute, and exchanged information.

    Our local Russian-speaking guy should be able to help comfort the Russian-speaking Kyrgyzstani guy in the hospital, too.

    I told a counselor in the branch presidency what was going on, and he said he has a secretary from Russia, who is also a member of the church. So I introduced him to the visitors from Kyrgyzstan, and he gave her contact info to them.

    Now I know someone who knows Amira, and was able to help them make the Russian contact that they wanted to make here.

    Oh what fun connecting the dots.

  2. Bookslinger, I especially appreciated hearing about this today because we got some bad news about some friends in Kyrgyzstan. I needed something cheerful like this. Thanks.