08 September 2006

American Servicewoman Still Missing in Kyrgyzstan

Update: She's safely back at the base.

Major Jill Metzger, a servicewoman from the US air base outside Bishkek, has been missing since Tuesday afternoon.

I sincerely hope she is all right and that her family will know she is safe soon. It certainly is an odd case though. I've shopped in Tsum plenty of times myself, and I can't really imagine getting kidnapped there on a busy afternoon. It really is a crowded place despite being huge. Now, if it were Dordoi Plaza, I'd find a kidnapping a lot more believable.

I hope she didn't leave on her own. It is very difficult for the servicemen and women on base to get permission to leave for any reason, and since her disappearance, no one has been able to leave base for any type unofficial business. She'd have known that would be the case if she planned this. They really are incredibly careful on base and I'd truly be surprised if this turns out to be a kidnapping.

But no matter what, I pray for her and her family.

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