08 August 2006

Wishing on a Shooting Star

The Perseid meteor shower will be a bit of a dud this year because the moon will be nearly full on the night of the 11th, so you won't be able to see much.

But you can still see earthgrazers, and that's our favorite part of the Perseids. We generally go out just after dark, around 9, and look north. Meteors at this time on the 11th could well be earthgrazers, slower-moving meteors that might leave trails. We've seen some beautiful ones in the past and it's certainly worth looking for an hour that evening. The moon won't be up till after 10.

My wish list is a fair piece longer now (and I have a few more books on hold at the library) after going through Julie's wish list. Anyone else have a good wish list to share? Maybe I'll wish on one of those earthgrazers.

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