23 August 2006


I want to start spinning again. And this time I'd like to get a wheel. And a loom. Or maybe I should just see if I can get my quilt frame and half-finished quilt out of storage. But I need something to do besides crocheting if I can't be overseas.

A bit of an contradiction, that I either want to live overseas (in Asia) or stay in the US and quilt and spin and weave (but not sew).


  1. Good grief! Is that your wheel?

    It looks archaic and decorative compared to my friends'

  2. No, but I wish it was. I saw an antique spinning wheel for sale in Kyrgyzstan, but it was at a really expensive antique place. They also had a whorl from a silver Turkmen spindle that was beautiful.

    Someday I need to go back to Kyrgyzstan with more money.