30 August 2006

Spinning and Weaving and Creating

I don't know why, but I have really wanted to start doing traditional handicrafts again. The last few years before we went to Kyrgyzstan I mostly just crocheted and did some quilting, but I didn't do any spinning or rug-making or bobbin lace. And that's what I want to start doing again (although crocheting is nice because I can read while I do it). But all my stuff is in storage and you don't just go down to Wal-Mart to get a hand spindle or a bobbin lace pillow or a loom.

Maybe I've felt too thrown about the last little while. Maybe traditional handicrafts help me feel settled down (I've long wished it wasn't tacky to spin in Relief Society). Maybe I just need to feel like I can produce something worthwhile.


  1. Amria-

    I have several differnt looms. I'll be up your way mid September, would you like to use them?

  2. Do you really? I've not ever done much with a loom but I'd really like to learn how.

    I was thinking of starting small. I'd love to try one one and see what I'd like to get. We should still be around in a few weeks.

  3. It's a deal.

    I used to have a spinning wheel. But, I gave it to my friend.

    I'll connect with you, i would happily bring you some. I have some really neat books too, that came with it, that were compiled by a friend of mine who is an artist on a loom.

    Somehow I know you will appreciate how neat they are.

  4. Oh, Lisa, that would be wonderful.