16 August 2006

I hate being so isolated from Central Asia right now, and especially from Kyrgyzstan. Doesn't anyone care about Kyrgyzstan? There are practically no decent websites or books about Kyrgyzstan. Even AKIPress isn't loading for me anymore.


  1. I need to apologize for not getting back in touch with you once I got to Kyrgyzstan in June. I ended up coming down with a fever the second day I was there and then got a parasite. Make sure your entire family gets tested for TB now that your back. My roomate came back with it last time. Walk-in clinics should test you for free since you were in a high risk country.

    Anyway, I completely agree with your post. That's what I'm going to school for. I hope to write my doctoral thesis on religions and their migrations through Kyrgyzstan. There just isn't enough written material on the country. Unfortunately I'm currently studying state-side and have a number of years left.

  2. Don't worry, Jamie. I could tell from your blog that you were having some trouble. I enjoyed reading about your stay.

    We do need to get tested for TB; we also know people who were exposed in KG despite being vaccinated.

    I look forward to reading your thesis in a few years. :)