09 August 2006

Central Asia Resources

The Silk Road website at the University of Washington has been updated. As always, it's an excellent resource for the Silk Road and Central Asia in general.

I also picked up the Cultures of the World series' collection of books on Central Asia at the library (here's a link to the Kyrgyzstan one). These are unquestionably the best children's books available on individual Central Asian countries. The text is for older children (older elementary), but there are plenty of pictures and my younger-than-that children enjoyed looking at the books with me and reading some from them.

I have a few more children's books on the Silk Road to review soon.


  1. Kind of tangential, but I ran into Dan Waugh in the library the other day. He was in the midst of cleaning out his office. He offered to let me pick through all the books that were left and take any I wanted. If only I'd had the time! His office was packed with great books. Oh well, I suppose it's better they're ending up in the library for all to enjoy!

    His work with the Silk Road site is superb and reflect what a knowledgeable guy he is. I'm thrilled to have gotten to take a class from him before he retired.

  2. Hardly tangential. That would have been great, especially to have had a class from him.