17 July 2006


Well, I suppose I'll write again. We've been back in the US for about 10 days now and the fog of completely switching day and night has left us and we've visited most of our relatives within 50 miles.

My husband has gained five pounds in the last 10 days, the boys have played with cousins almost every day, and I have a library card again. But there are no books in the library right now about Kyrgyzstan.

I watched the new Pride and Prejudice and loved it. I don't know what all those whiners were talking about. I thought that in many ways it was truer to the book despite some of the adaptations.

It's hard being out of the loop about Kyrgyzstan though. You practically have to be there to know what's going on there. There was a tantalizing headline on AKI Press about the AUCA's law department losing its license to teach, but that's all I know about it. It had a small department, and there are several other places in the city that teach law, but it would be sad if the AUCA can't continue to teach law.

They finally came to an agreement about the air base; the US will be paying around $150 million for the base between rent and other types of financial aid. That should be a healthy boost to a lot of politicians in the country. And maybe some of it will even help other people in the country too.

And there was a fascinating new poll released last week about Kyrgyz public opinion.


  1. Welcome back to the states Amira. How long will you stay? Have you guys decided where you'll be next?