08 June 2006

Religion in Morocco and Tajikistan

Dora at Exponent II pointed out the graduation of 150 morchidat, or women preachers of Islam, in Morocco. The women aren't allowed to lead prayers though. I've written about similar trends in China, but it is an entirely different thing to see something like this officially sanctioned in a country like Morocco. There are increasing numbers of woman scholars of Islam around the world.

This also demonstrates again the diversity of Islam around the world. Islam is not the same in every country. I've written about this topic a bit here and here (and probably other places too).

And Tajikistan may be postponing the adoption of a new law that would severely restrict religious practice in the country. Hopefully they decide to scrap it altogether, although that doesn't sound too likely.

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  1. I read this story earlier today. I am amazed that certain groups were not outraged.