29 June 2006

KFC in China

I was amused by this article talking about American fast food chains around the world. And I thought the tips at the end of the article were right on. Fast food in foreign countries really can be relaxing.

But there is no American fast food in Central Asia. I'm betting we found one of the closest KFCs when we were in Xi'an, China. The boys ate there twice in 3 days, and then we ate at McDonald's once or twice in Beijing, although I never set foot in any of the places. Their main attraction was a clean toilet for the boys, but you can't walk past chicken nuggets when you haven't seen them for 6 months.

There is a fast food place here called MacBurger; I've only heard scary stories about it. I'm betting though that some American fast food in Almaty would do all right.

We didn't eat much fast food in the Middle East either. I never went to Tel Aviv where most of it was, and they had weird kosher rules in Jerusalem (honestly, most Jews don't eat kosher, so what was the point of that?). There was a lot available in Cairo, but I love Egyptian street food and Pizza Hut just didn't seem to be worth the money. Fast food is expensive. And falafel, hummus, ful, and koshari are delicious.

But if they had more Wendy's overseas, well, that would be worth it. We did find a place that sold Baskin Robins ice cream (three flavors) for $2.50 a scoop on Kiev. If we weren't going to be back in the US in a few days, I may have caved on that one.

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  1. I think Baskin-Robbins sells for $2.50 here in the US, too.