07 June 2006

Bishkek Apartments

I found a website with apartment listings in Bishkek, including lots of pictures. Pretty amazing.


  1. You've got some pretty spiffy choices there. Have you found a new apartment yet?

  2. We're actually not quite looking for an apartment yet since we're still not sure if we'll move to Karakol, back to the US, or stay in Bishkek. Right now we're hoping that my husband gets a job he applied for in Bishkek and that we'll be ablet to stay here.

    It's been nice to see you blogging more, Laura.

  3. You can use 'vivirama' to post your housing listings in Bishkek or Karakol (or virtually any other city of the world).

    I'm the author of vivirama, which uses Google Maps to graphically show the location of cities and properties. The service it's completely free.

    Thanks for your time, hope you like it.