16 May 2006


I saw yaks last week for what I think was the first time. At least a lot of them together; I imagine I've seen a few at a time before. We ate our lunch with yaks roaming the hills behind us. We were at around 11,000 feet.

Yaks don't sound much like cows, even though they don't look too different from cows. They sounded like they were sighing and moaning instead of mooing like cows. Of course, if I hadn't heard cows all my life, they'd probably sound pretty strange to me too.


  1. That's really interesting how they sound different from cows. Having not been around cows all my life, I probably would have assumed cows really sigh.

  2. Perhaps they are just cows with a Central Asian accent.

  3. :)

    I wonder which accent it is? Turkic? Persian? But maybe Tibetan.

    I haven't exactly been around cows all my life. I never lived on a farm or anything like that. But I've heard them from the time I was little. More than just driving by them in the car.