12 May 2006


An altogether typical scene in rural Kyrgyzstan.


  1. Beautiful children. Looks like Hugo Boss has made it to your side of the globe. POssibly through humanitarian programs? (clothing donations?)

  2. Could have been through donations, but there is plenty of American cultural stuff for sale here. The boys played with a Dora the Explorer ball we borrowed from the neighbors, there are plenty of notebooks around with American movie stars, and clothes are very high on many people's priority list. Nearly everyone here dresses significantly better than I do (and even better than a large number of Americans). There are lots of cheap Chinese clothes here that look like American brands.

    These children were from a wealthier family, so I wouldn't be surprised if their clothes were purchased by their parents.

  3. It is too bad that the label culture prevails worldwide. Such empty dreams and promises.

  4. I love that little girl, arms crossed, confident, looking straight into the camera.

    I love all your pictures.