02 May 2006

The Trip I'd Love to Take

Of course, it's probably not the safest or most feasible of trips to take right now, but maybe someday it will be possible.

Start in Bishkek.
Drive to Talas, Kyrgyzstan, visit friends
Drive to Taraz, Kazakhstan, then through Shymkent and possibly going to Sayram
Drive down to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, spend a few days looking around and visiting friends
Drive to Jizzakh, Uzbekistan, visit friends
Drive to Samarqand, visit friends, and spend a long time looking around
Drive to Bukhara and spend another long time looking around (too bad we don't know anyone here)
Drive to Merv, Turkmenistan and spend a long time exploring there and Gonur
Continue south to Herat, Afghanistan
Go north to Balkh and Mazar-e Sharif
Continue east through northern Afghanistan, cross into Tajikistan at Ishkashim
Go up to Khorog, then drive the Pamir highway to Murgab (stopping wherever we want along the way)
Cross into China to Tashkurgan, the go up the Karakorum Highway to Kashgar.
Cross back into Kyrgyzstan at Irkeshtam then go to Sary Tash in Kyrgyzstan, with a side trip to Sary Moghul to visit friends, then on to Osh and Jalalabad. We could go from Jalalabad to Naryn and see Tash Rabat while we're at it, but I think we'd be ready to go home.

This leaves out Khiva and Konya Urgench, but there's no logical way to get there except to fly. And it would be sad to miss Mashhad. But then I'd want to go down to Isfahan, and that's an entirely different jaunt.


  1. Amira, I try to check in here every day. I don't comment sometimes because I just can't think of anything to say (imagine that).

    But I love this blog.

    You live a life so completely beyond my comprehension.

  2. Thanks, annegb. You don't need to feel like you have to comment.

    If you're ever in Central Asia, we'll just have to show you around. :)

  3. Now there's a trip I'd like to take!