24 May 2006

I'm Ready to Move

When we moved in to our apartment an discovered that a number of thinks didn't work or were on the verge of breaking (i.e. sitting down in a chair resulted in the bottom falling out, the intercom doesn't work, so you have to run down three flights of stairs if someone comes to visit, the bed has a large hole in the middle, etc.), we decided not to rock the boat that early.

When the curtain rod came off the wall and almost brained me shortly after we moved in, I just laughed when our apartment manager said the reason it had come off was because I had tried to open the curtains.

When my son broke the glass in our bedroom door (can I tell you how annoying it is to have glass on your bedroom door?) we paid for the repair. It took over two months to get the repair man to come, but it was fixed.

When we asked and asked for more pans for the stove and oven (I'm still making pancakes one at a time in a pot and only have one cookie sheet for the oven) and never got anything because the owner had already spent all our rent and couldn't do anything for the apartment, we finally gave up.

When my husband's back started to hurt because of the hole in the bed, the owner refused to buy a new bed. He now is in a great deal of pain and has been to several specialists in Bishkek who say there's nothing they can do for his back.

When the drain in the tub plugged up and the repair pulled out a wad of black hair and said it was my fault, I didn't point out that obvious fact that I have blonde hair. I found out later that he expected us to pay for the 5-minute repair because it was our fault. (He's the repair guy for the building.)

When the doors started falling off the kitchen cupboards and bookcases because the screws were stripped, the manager said it was our fault because "the boys were hanging on the doors." If they'd been hanging on the doors, more would have happened than the screws simply getting stripped.

When the woman downstairs came up at 11 at night and yelled at us for being too noisy, it took quite a while to convince her that it was someone else being noisy and that we had been asleep and not stomping around. She comes up quite often in the late afternoon because the boys have been too noisy. My older son is in tears at least once a week from being reminded to walk quietly and to not break the flimsy furniture.

This is the first time that I can't wait to move.


  1. You're a patient woman. I decided long ago that Karakol needed a chiropractor. Now Bishkek does too.

  2. You're a saint.

    Is a move in the works? I hope so.

  3. One more month in this apartment no matter where we end up afterwards.

  4. Ouch. Good luck in finding a new place. I hope the damage to hubbie's back isn't permanent.