17 May 2006


GOSA (a geyser group) has a new website. It's still being worked on, but it looks nice.

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  1. Good news: they're collecting the geysers into a database, so it should be easily expandable. ASP is a new MS thing, I don't know much about it. I love seeing site with real content to offer. Hurrah for GOSA!

    The site looks nice on a popular browser, but it's a tables-based layout filled with spacer gifs. I wish they wouldn't do that. The code's not elegant, hard to update.

    They'd make a great entry in the Fall CSS Reboot.
    http://www.cssreboot.com/ And showcasing their site in the Fall lineup would get them some traffic.

    For example, it makes me sad to see those paragraphs in the cool font which will be unreadable to people who need voice readers or text resizing. But maybe they've provided for accessibility in all that javascript? I suspect not. More control of the font display would make the site look more serious.