28 April 2006

This is a picture of Islam. He was brought the baby house several months ago. While his development was fine, he was pretty scrawny. He has fattened up a lot and is getting chubby. It's easy to see the difference between the babies who are in the baby house from birth and those who are brought in later. The sooner they get to the baby house, the better. Some are fine when they get there later, but most improve dramatically in a few months. Of course, some don't do well at all in the baby house, but overall, I think they do a good job with the babies.

There are lots of babies in my group at the baby house now. A lot are girls which has been a change. All but one are Kyrgyz. I haven't gotten great pictures of them yet, but I'm working on it.


  1. I think they do a good job, as well. Those babies look night and day better than pictures of ones I've seen in Romania.

    I love how colorful they dress them. colorfully?

    I love color. I'm not a beige and black kind of girl. The colors and textures you show are wonderful.

  2. Their clothes certainly are colorful. When you just grab something off the pile, you get all kinds of combinations.