19 April 2006

Reform or Resign

A lot of the opposition in Kyrgyzstan are planning a major nationwide demonstration on April 29th where they will present a list of reforms that they think the Kyrgyz government needs to implement.

Bakiev would be ill-advised at this point to ignore these demands. Especially since these reforms are really quite reasonable. I don't see anything to indicate that he'll do anything about them though.

Here is a list of the reforms from AKIpress:

1) Ruthless fight against corruption [I expect this should have been translated as criminality]. Providing of order and security of citizens. Protection of business from organized criminality’s pressure. Barring of criminalization of authority.

2) Real effective fight against corruption.

3) Immediate conducting of Constitutional reform. President has to immediately introduce to Parliament agreed project of new version of Constitution.

4) Reform of law-enforcement bodies. Resignation of some high officials such as head of President Administration Usen Sydykov, General Prosecutor Kambaraaly Kongantiev, State Secretary Dastan Sarygulov, head of National Security Council Tashtemir Aitbaev and members of government who got unsatisfactory evaluation from the Parliament.

5) Providing fair conditions for economic subjects. Ban on using official power for eliminating economic rivals. Ban of “family business” practice.

6) Elimination of executive bodies under President and passing their functions to the government. According to legislation control over national economy and state property belongs to the government.

7) Reorganization of State TV/Radio Company (STRC) into public television.

8) Return of property rights and illegally taken stocks to “Piramida” personnel. Stopping blackmail of “Piramida” company by figure-heads.

9) Immediate establishment of order in the production and sale of construction materials.

10) Ban on initiating unconstitutional proposals on limiting citizen’s freedom of speech, peaceful demonstrations and meetings, other civil rights.


  1. just another bunch of democrats who were excluded from the power and are vying for revenge. was not bakiev in the same shoes in recent years? although i see a genuine will from the organizers to have our situation improved, most of them(leaders) do it to gain political scores for future elections. if they truly wanted to improve things they should've been doing their job that they are responsible for and just shut up

    hey you doing a great job with a blog. i frequently read it

  2. well reading it again i was too harsh. i'm all for expressing the frustration and voicing ourselves, however this will not stop. our nation has become a toy in the hands of big powers who manipulate and sponsor all these kind of activities that undermine the stability in Kyrgyzstan and in the region as a whole. we all know who is interested in keeping the situation in Central Asia as it is now, the same people who are the driving force behind the so-called democratic bloc. this needs to be stopped once and for all. we need to learn how to work, and live honest lives.

  3. I'm pretty cynical about the opposition too, but I'd generally rather support people who are trying to make some changes for the better, no matter what their motivation.

    Thanks for stopping by.