25 April 2006

I've talked about traveling to interesting places before and it hasn't really happened, but this time it may well have to happen. I don't have any desire to spend two months in Bishkek between semesters.

We were hoping to spend part of the summer in Turkey, but that didn't work out, so we're back to figuring out where we're going to spend the summer. Staying in Asia would probably be best, especially if we can teach in Kyrgyzstan for another year, but if we're heading back to the US, we could stop just about any place in the world.

I'd love to spend the summer in China, in Yunnan or Xi'an or Xinjiang. Russia would be nice too, in Siberia or Kamchatka.

We could travel around Kyrgyzstan riding minibuses and staying in yurts for about the same amount we pay for our apartment in Bishkek. I'd love to see more of Kyrgyzstan.

Uzbekistan would be good if they weren't so cross about Americans right now. I've never had a real desire to go to Kazakhstan. Tajikistan would be interesting.

But I am really quite certain that Bishkek won't be an option. At least I really hope it won't.


  1. Ooh...fun! You could also get to Malaysia or Thailand without breaking the bank. But I think China would be great:)

  2. I'd say come stay with us in Al Ain, but summer is really not the best time to come--most people leave to escape the heat. We'll be here, though, so you're welcome to email me if interested! :)

  3. A better idea would be to meet in Kamchatka.

    I'll save the Emirates for the winter. But thanks for the offer! :)

  4. Kamchatka would be excellent. Or Lake Baikal. I'd love to go to either of those this summer if only I could! :)