20 April 2006


At least Kulov has it right:

”We are at the stage of exploring conditions and nothing more than that. But they immediately raise the issue, “The government is selling out its motherland!” This I find as mere political speculations. And I think, that it might be convenient for certain forces to manipulate the situation to discredit us,” said PM Kulov.

”We are investigating the conditions. We cannot refuse being unaware of those conditions. In three years we are to pay out 100 million US dollars. Where will you get this money? Then you will ask yourself why the government has not even studied the conditions,” said the PM.

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  1. i dont understand what's the fuss about! i'm a patriot as well, at least i hope i am. and naturally nobody wants to be a toy in the hands of dominating powers, however we're not in a position to choose at this point of time. i do not know the details of HIPC entrance, however saying that we do not want to be seen as other african countries is plain wrong and ignorant in my view. nicaragua and senegal were in the program and it is not like other people care what is the status of our country. most of them do not even know where it is. however i must say that our government must analyze all the aspects of this program so that we do not end up as eco-political hostages to greater powers....