17 April 2006

The End of Patience

I wish we knew if we were going to be able to stay in Kyrgyzstan for another year. Everything is pretty much on hold till then. I have been a very good patient person and I am finished being patient.

Of course, I don't have to make any plans. I don't even have to think more than a week ahead.


  1. Patience is overrated. I've decided that to deal with more than the current day is not worth the stress.

    Hope you hear something soon.

  2. I personally will be relieved to have you out of there, although I will miss the geography lesson. Although I will certainly worry about the babies.

  3. The babies will be fine whether I'm here or not. I am firmly convinced that my babies are loved and cared for. Yes, I'd much prefer to see them in loving homes, but the babies who are in the baby house from birth are much better off than those who are brought in a few months later from much more difficult circumstances.

    And I really, really want to stay in Kyrgyzstan for another year. There are a lot of things that have been hard. But I would feel that some things were unfinished if we have to leave this summer.