29 April 2006

Demonstration Day

Looks like the demonstrators are in for a soggy day today- unless they hole up in their yurts. But what's a demonstration if you're stuck in a yurt?

Bakiev is undoubtedly worried about this thing, even though the Interior Minister claims Bakiev didn't give any orders concerning the demonstration. We've heard stories about the new techniques the security forces will use on anyone who tries to climb the fence at the white house and Bakiev has said that if there is violence or looting, the demonstrators will be entirely to blame. Bakiev also said that universities are not for politics and students should not be involved in the demonstration.

Of course, Bakiev had no problem using students just a month ago to make his celebration for the revolution look good. Students were required to attend meetings the day before and many felt like they had to attend the celebration itself.

It's also interesting that Bakiev has said he and the opposition last year are not responsible for the looting and that the government won't be recompensating anyone.

Akaev certainly wasn't a perfect leader, but at least he wasn't willing to kill large numbers of people to keep himself in power. Looks like Bakiev is.

We have been out today. Various roads have been closed at different times and there are lots of police around. One friend jogged by the square early this morning and estimated there were at least 300 police marching on the square. I imagine the rain has been a deterrent. It has been rainy all morning (it's about 1:30 in the afternoon right now) with heavy rain around 9 and 12. All seems to be quiet though.

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