28 April 2006

Bone Summer

One thing that would be fun to do this summer is to travel around Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tuva, and Mongolia to find more bone games. We could do Kyrgyzstan first, going south to Osh, then east, then up to Naryn and Karakol and cross the border at Karkara. We could work through eastern Kazakhstan then cross into Russia near Semey and go to Tuva, then down into western Mongolia.


  1. That's an awesome idea:) Inexpensive and you'll get an opportunity to become a sort of expert on a very interesting yet bizarre (to Westerners) topic. Have fun! I'll be in Karakol from June 16ish to the end of the first week of July then on to either Naryn or Balikchy for two weeks then back again to Karakol for the last week of July.

  2. The nice thing about this plan is that we could do it on pretty short notice. Apply for the visa and travel around KG, then pick up the visas and head off to Kazakhstan and Russia.

    Too bad they don't have the handy homestay network in KZ like they do in KG.